Each crystal is chosen based on its unique properties, linked to specific chakras or intentions. By placing or holding crystals, Reiki practitioners can deepen their connection to the universal life force energy, facilitating holistic healing.

Amplified EnergyBalance and HarmonyChakra BalancingReenergized mindEmotional Healing

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“ Vedic Crystals’ collection exceeded my expectations – exquisite stones with amazing energies, and superb customer service. ”

Paul Jones


“I found peace and healing through Vedic Crystals’ Reiki jewelry. The energy and intention are truly special. ”

Lisa Masterson


“ Vedic Crystals is my go-to for holistic tools. Their knowledgeable team and high-quality stones never disappoint. ”

James Richards


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Your holistic well-being partner, offering carefully selected crystals to empower your spiritual journey and personal growth

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